I've put the finished illustration on my website xx
A fun simple little pattern for stationery l'm working on x 
Sketching ideas for a new pic of bird in the grass ....another birdie doodle :) x
I've got out the habit of putting sketches and drawings l've been up to but l'm going to get back on it. Here is a worksheet from my ballon birds pattern - l do love a birdie doodle x
Sketch in progress.....Drawing out a custom print for somebody's wife ....it has lots of subtle hints and reminders within ....finished pic should be on my website soon
One of the things l've being doing this January ....a invitation for a christening . The brief was simple it had to include a monkey and hoopoe bird .
Happy new year! This was us on new year's day hill walking in glenshee -a little quite time after the festive mayhem x